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Trailjammer Designs creates custom exhaust guards and case savers to protect your ride! There's nothing worse than putting a hole in your engine and being stranded or burning your brand new boots and pants on your exhaust pipe. Check out the quality products we have to offer. If you don't see something, just contact us and ask. It may be in the works. We are always coming out with new products.

Welcome to Trailjammer Designs!


At Trailjammer Designs we build quality products...one product at a time. It all started with our signature exhaust guard for the 2008 KTM 530. We weren't satisfied with the choices on the market for exhaust guards so we started making out own. You can spot our guards by the unique design, style, and look that stands out like no other while also protecting you from burning your pants.


We also found a high demand for some engine protection on the KTM clutch covers. These case savers are very durable. They protect you from being stranded by a hole in your clutch cover caused by a rock, or the brake lever getting punched thru it. It protects the full case unlike others. Race tested and racer approved!


All of our products are made by hand in San Jose, CA. We are avid riders and enjoy riding when we aren't working on some new Trailjammer Designs products.

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